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The first thing to know about Renaissance; we're passionate about Lab Grown Diamonds. For more than 20 years Renaissance has grown, manufactured and created some of the most amazing diamonds anywhere.

We are an American owned and operated company and from the beginning our goal was to exclusively sell created diamonds. Founder and President Neil Koppel states, "This has allowed us to focus on creating what consumers want, an affordable, certified diamond that is even more beautiful than most Earth mined diamonds."

We manufacture the diamonds and the jewelry you'll find on our website, there's no middle-man and you'll get the best prices, A+ service and value anywhere!

In early 1994 Koppel formed Renaissance to develop and market laboratory grown gemstones and jewels. The diamonds we produce are referred to as lab grown diamonds, laboratory grown diamonds and even cultured diamonds... however, these are not synthetic look alikes. They're not CZ, Moissanite or any other confusing synthetic, these are Diamonds... plain and simple.

Renaissance sells only certified lab grown diamonds. Starting in 2007, Renaissance worked towards developing colorless diamonds utilizing CVD and HTHP technology. Through a joint venture with Scio Diamond (SCIO) and others, we produce colorless, pink, canary yellow and blue laboratory grown diamonds in sizes over 5.00 carats.

As part of the Renaissance commitment to full disclosure and education, diamonds greater than 0.50 carat are certified by IGI with identifying laser inscriptions and accompanied with a long form diamond grading report. This guarantees it's a Renaissance Created Diamond and manufactured in a sustainable manner that's Eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Renaissance Diamonds, Inc. is a privately owned Florida Corp. based in Boca Raton, FL.

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