0.4 Ct. | Round | J Color | SI2 Clarity | Sku# 930091092

0.4 Ct. | Round | J Color | SI2 Clarity | Sku# 930091092

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This 0.4 carat Renaissance Created Diamond is a Not Available cut, with Not Available polish and Not Available symmetry. It's an J color with SI2 clarity in a Round shape. Every diamond is accompanied by an IGI grading report and a certificate of Eco-Friendly Origin.

The Renaissance Created Diamonds Guarantee: Our fancy diamonds were created by Renaissance here in the USA in partnership with Scio (SCIO) Diamond. Lab Grown or Lab Created Diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to the properties of mined diamonds. The only difference between Lab-Grown and earth-mined diamonds is their point of origin. Guaranteed origin, full disclosure, and commitment to transparency, assure that Lab Grown Diamonds are conflict-free. Renaissance grows diamonds in a technologically advanced facility here in the USA using modest amounts of energy, and having very little direct impact on the environment. Lab Grown diamonds do not undermine the sustainability of natural systems or our environment, allowing future generations to have the natural resources they need.


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Renaissance Created Diamond
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Renaissance… The ReBirth of the Diamond!

In early 1994 President and CEO, Neil Koppel formed Renaissance to develop and market laboratory grown gemstones and diamonds. Koppel’s background in buying, selling and cutting fine diamonds, natural rubies and sapphires was tested in the 1990’s as the world demand was outpacing supply.

Starting in 2007, Renaissance worked towards developing colorless diamonds utilizing CVD and HTHP technology.Today, through a joint venture with SCIO Diamonds (SCIO), Renaissance produces certified colorless, pink, canary yellow and blue laboratory grown diamonds from 0.50 to over 2.00 carats. As part of Koppel’s commitment to full disclosure and education, all Renaissance diamonds 0.50 carats and larger are certified by International Gemological Institute with identifying laser inscriptions and accompanied with a long diamond grading report. This guarantees it’s a Renaissance Created Diamond, Eco-Friendly and manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Renaissance maintains there is an extraordinary opportunity to offer consumers lab grown diamonds. There is price pressure on the natural diamond market from China, India and other emerging countries. They will fuel demand and help increase prices on rough and finished diamonds. The future effects of inflation will presumably also add to strong price increases. Recent rough diamond price increases of 6-10% substantiate the price increases. Koppel said, “We strongly believe that offering created diamonds makes good and smart business sense for both consumers and retailers. Predictable prices, outstanding quality and an excellent value proposition for the consumer make Renaissance Created Diamonds the smart, savvy choice.”

Our fancy colored diamonds attract new customers by offering affordable diamond colors that are typically rare and price prohibitive. Many consumers have researched colored diamonds and have gotten “sticker shock” over their costs. Now budget minded consumers can purchase what they’ve been searching for at prices within their reach and retailers will garner sales that traditionally could not be made… Plus we have the benefit of being Made in the U.S.A.!

Renaissance has enjoyed an A+ BBB rating for almost 20 years and is considered a leader in the laboratory grown diamond market.


We are manufacturers of created diamonds. We're not resellers or online retailers. We sell our certified diamonds directly to you saving you thousands of dollars.

Our A+ BBB Rating assures you that Renaissance is your smart and trusted choice for Lab Created Diamonds. And we'll beat any online price by 10%.

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